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Target your Market completely
and immediately with Inflatable Advertising Balloons!


At first glance inflatable advertising may seem like an unusual way to market your company, yet USA's durable, easy to use inflatables create an unbeatable way to increase your walk-in traffic and business.


Let the thousands of people passing your location, find out about your sales and promotions in a timely way! The advertising inflatables reinforce current advertising, while targeting a population that other ads miss completely - the thousands of people who walk, shop, and drive within 2 miles of your location.




Work with the Best!

USA Outdoor is one of the largest inflatable advertising companies in the United States for Helium, Sky Dancers and Custom Inflatable Advertising. USA Outdoor has done everything from intricate in-store displays to indoor and outdoor custom designs.

Attract Attention to your Business


What is it about balloons that catch everyone's eye? Is it the pleasing reminder of past birthday parties and fair days, or the unnatural act of defeating gravity through flotation? Perhaps the bright colors of balloons, set against a soft blue sky, catch the prisms in the eyes, making a mystical effect. Whatever the reason, no one can pass a balloon without feeling a certain degree of fascination.


Is it all About Attitude and Wonder?


Giant balloon advertisements can add something that cannot be experienced through TV and radio ads. As unique as fireworks, balloons capture the wonder of fantasy in the sameness of the real world. Balloons were not developed for intrigue and pleasure. but were invented for use in military communications, scientific experiments, and transportation in the mid 1800s. But, it didn't take long before people were mesmerized with the suspension of floating through air. The unnatural lightness seems to provide an attitude of joy and wonder.


Plan for the Right Inflatable


The focal point of drawing a crowd has to be carefully planned and implemented. Balloon advertisement that charm and create moods of joy are well accepted. Even people that are merely passing by will want to get a closer look at what your inflatable advertising has to say.


Create a buzz with outrageous promotional inflatables that draw people to your store. Inflatable air dancers are in constant movement and are great eye catchers. Fluorescent colors that blow in the wind create a unique presence, especially for children. If you have a store that features children's items, take full advantage of inflatable characters and animals for your event. Clowns, animals and cartoon characters are popular for the younger crowd. If you have an audience of kids, consider hiring an experienced balloon twister.


Adults are not immune to the gayety that giant inflatables create. Many create a landmark for meeting with friends and add enticement to visit the wares or services of your store. Make it known that your company has been in business for 5, 10 or 20 years by printing anniversary themes on your event inflatables. Customers love longevity and ad balloons will keep this thought in their minds.


The days of the Internet have put new focus on how the public receives local advertising and news. Smart phone apps and news alerts make on-the-move individuals less likely to listen to radio or watch TV. Inflatable advertising creates a visual awareness of area happenings that can catch the eye of those that are mobile. The attraction of a balloon will often cause Smart Phone users to bring up information on the event.

Add A Twist To Your Marketing with
Custom Inflatable Advertisement

Using giant balloons as a marketing technique, is nothing new. As early as 1824, balloons were filled with helium and set along fences to attract attention to events. Today, grand announcements of new store openings carry a larger-than-life clown, blimp or hot air balloon as a way to draw attention. This move is often incorporated with newspaper and radio or TV advertising.

  • Typical increases range from 10%-30% in less than 30 days!
  • 10-times the floor traffic at 1/10 the cost of Newspaper, TV or Direct Mail.
  • Inflatable advertising blimps and balloons help you leverage your greatest asset, your location!




INCREASE VISIBILITY, TRAFFIC, AND RETAIL SALES FROM 5-50% IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS BY LEVERAGING YOUR GREATEST ASSET....YOUR PHYSICAL LOCATION with an Advertising Balloon, Blimp, Air Dancer, Feather Flags, Promotional Tent, Giant Roof-Top Balloon, etc....



Spend Advertising Dollars Wisely

TV and radio advertising are expensive, but necessary, and phone aps are often just as costly. Replacing one or more of these forms of advertising methods can help to keep more bottom line profit. For example, instead of purchasing a dozen spots on the radio, cut this contract in half and alert visitors to watch for the big bright balloon. This will perk up ears and create traffic that would not otherwise search for intriguing ad balloons.

Sending out press releases on an exciting grand opening, sales event or new line of products is a great way to get free advertising to a large volume of people. Invite the local media, explaining why your store is newsworthy and make sure that you do not disappoint. Build up one item or service that is sought after and use your new marketing strategy to promote. For instance, have smaller inflatable balloons or banners surround your highlighted product and service that can easily be seen when customers enter your store.

A huge 20-foot branded promotional balloon, securely tied down on your building's rooftop, gives more visibility that a billboard. Add 3 o4 4 promo flags outside of your entrance that announce specific brand names or popular subjects. Many people may not know exactly what type of merchandise you carry on a regular basis. Keep your giant inflatables generic in nature and focus on one or two popular items within the store for smaller inflatable advertising. Inflatable advertising does not have to be used only once, but with each new advertising campaign. The intrigue of your ad balloons will never wear thin.


If you removed your current signage would sales GO DOWN?

If you doubled your current signage with a Blimp or Balloon or Flags would sales GO UP?

Think Ahead for Great Promotions

Preplanning a theme is the best way to make your inflatable advertising more successful. There is a large variety of promotional balloons that can fit your particular business and add success to driving visitors through your doors. For instance, if you have a hardware store, the sky is the limit. Inflatable advertising could range from DIY classes, solar products and installation to free wrapping of gifts. Customers are all about information and custom inflatable advertising is the perfect way to show what you provide.

Inflatable advertising is all about drawing attention. It is an inexpensive and visual way to attract attention and to deliver a message. Becoming the center of attention in the realm of the competitive business world is tough. Make your marketing balloons as authentic as possible and people will remember your name. Go one step further and post pictures of your event inflatables on social media.

Advertising balloons is a trend that has surpassed the test of time and is here to stay. Customized to specific needs and easy to install, custom advertising inflatables add sensation to any advertising campaign. Different shapes and sizes are available for specific targeting that you may have. Brand names and pictures can easily be ordered to help your advertising balloons stand out and will leave a lasting impression on everyone that drives by.