Promotional Pop Up Tents

  Custom EZ Up and Pop-Up Designs

     for Advertising Canopy Tents



Liven-up any Parking Lot, Special Event or 

Trade Show with your own colorful Promotional 

Tent or canopy that can include artwork or logo.

When your company has a home-away-from-home,

people will be attracted to your new mini-location.


  • Tent Sales, Parking Lot Sales, Company Events,
    Trade Shows, Swap Meets - these protective
    Promotional Tents promote your product,
    brand or company, and protect your employees
    from the elements...rain or shine!
  • Easy set-up and take-down as Pop-Up Models
    have one release mechanism that operates like
    a large umbrella...the entire unit collapses easily
    for transport.  Super-strong Aluminum Frame.
  • Promotional Tents are Made of Heavy-Duty UV
    Coated Poly Nylon, and frame is Powder Coated
  • Offers shade and weather protection for
    employees & customers.
Standard heights are 10’x10’, 10’x15’, or 10’x20’, and can


be placed near any storefront, or roadway, displaying 


company logo or product being promoted. Can increase 


Traffic & Sales 5%-10% almost  immediately. These 


significant sales increases are possible when using the 


Promotional Tents on a regular basis as surrounding auto 


and pedestrian traffic react to the Event Tents.


Promotional Pop Up Tents 


From parking lot sales to special events, pop-up tents let your business market its products directly to customers in an exciting way.  They can also be used as part of trade shows, fairs and other special events.


Easy to set up, easy to take down and ideal for promoting your products directly to customers, our promotional pop-up tents are a great addition to any business’s marketing toolkit.


Make your retail business an Exciting Destination for customers


One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase interest in your business is to turn it into an exciting destination.  Our promotional pop-up tents can liven up your retail store’s parking lot or outdoor area, making it a fun place for passersby.


If your retail store is located close to a major road or walkway, setting up a pop-up tent outside is a tremendous way to attract passersby and turn your location into a fun, exciting place to shop.


Pop-up promotional tents are also fantastic marketing tools for sales, special offers and events.  Shoppers associate pop-up tents with value and special offers, making them a serious way to draw people to your store and increase sales.


Promote your products at Fairs, Trade Shows and Special Events


Does your business exhibit at trade shows and fairs? Our pop-up promotional tents are excellent marketing tools for trade shows, fairs, parties and other special events where your customers can be found.


Give away free samples to prospective customers at a trade show or industry event or offer a special deal on your products as part of a party or local event.  Our pop-up tents are also ideal for local markets, swap meets and parking lot sales.


Easy to set up and even easier to take down, you can set up our promotional pop-up tents in minutes, making it easy to establish a pop-up store wherever and whenever your business sees a great sales and marketing opportunity.


Generate an excellent ROI that beats TV, Radio and Print advertising


As well as giving your business a great sales platform, our pop-up tents are fantastic marketing tools that can help your business interact with its target audience, build a powerful brand and attract retail customers.


All of our promotional tents are made from high quality, heavy duty UV coated poly nylon 600D canvas, making them extremely durable.  You can easily customize your pop-up tent with your company’s branding, sales message or colors.


Highly visible, our tents are great tools for communicating your company’s message to customers.  Generate sales and build a relationship with your target audience at the same time using our high quality, highly effective pop-up promotional tents.


Help your company Stand Out from the crowd


Few factors are important in marketing as visibility.  Not only do our promotional pop-up tents let your business take part in parking lot sales, trade shows and local markets – they let you raise visibility and awareness at the same time.


From opening up new sales channels to strengthening your brand, our pop-up tents are versatile sales and marketing tools that offer a massive range of advantages for your business.


Email us your LOGO for a FREE Mock-up (



***Pricing is based on number of logo colors,

not number of logos printed*** 






10x10 Tent Top + Frame(shipping not included)

10x10 (1-color Logo): $755

10x10 (2-color Logo): $855

10x10 (3-color Logo): $955

10x10 (4-color Logo) : $1055

10x10 (Full Wrap Art Graphics): $1255


10x15 Tent Top + Frame(shipping not included)

10x15 (1-color Logo): $1025

10x15 (2-color Logo): $1125

10x15 (3-color Logo): $1225

10x15 (4-color Logo): $1525

10x15 (Full Wrap Art Graphics): $1825


10x20 Tent Top + Frame(shipping not included)

10x20 (1-color Logo): $1455

10x20 (2-color Logo): $1555

10x20 (3-color Logo): $1655

10x20 (4-color Logo): $1855

10x20 (Full Wrap Art Graphics): $2155




10x10 Tent Backwall(shipping not included)

10x10 (1-color Logo): $250

10x10 (2-color Logo): $270

10x10 (3-color Logo): $290

10x10 (4-color Logo): $310

10x10 (Full Wrap Art Surface Coverage): $330


10x15 Tent Backwall(shipping not included)

10x15 (1-color Logo): $330

10x15 (2-color Logo): $360

10x15 (3-color Logo): $390

10x15 (4-color Logo): $420

10x15 (Full Wrap Art Surface Coverage): $450


10x20 Tent  Backwall(shipping not included)

10x20 (1-color Logo): $380

10x20 (2-color Logo): $420

10x20 (3-color Logo): $460

10x20 (4-color Logo): $500

10x20 (Full Wrap Art Surface Coverage): $540




10x10 / 10X15 / 10X20 (fits all sizes)(shipping not included)

Set of 2 (1-color): $250

Set of 2 (2-color): $270

Set of 2 (3-color): $290

Set of 2 (4-color): $310

Set of 2 (Full Coverage): $330



More Options:

*Heavy-Duty Canvas Roller Bag:  $85.00

*Mesh Backwall (no artwork)  $180.00 ea.

*Sand Bags: (set of 4):  $50.00

*Stake Kit & Tiedowns: (set of 4): $30.00 




Made in U.S.A.,

Heavy-Duty Double-Stitch All Weather UV Coated 600D Poly Canvas Construction 

Adjustable No-Rust Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame

Dome Cap and Peak Top Adjuster

Stress Resistant Truss Bars

Patented Pull-Pin Slider, Fire Retardant